Benefits of Video Marketing

VIdeo Marketing


Improved communication creates stronger relationships and in turn encourages sales. Web video can make significant improvements in the way you deliver your message.

  • Continuous Communication – Unlike a live presentation, videos are recorded, which means you can use it over and over again.  A video will show you at your best, both day and night, and present you in a positive state even if you are sleeping or under the weather!
  • Eliminate Confusion – Video allows you to include nonverbal cues; for example, body and facial expressions, which help your viewers understand the meaning of your message in ways that written words cannot.
  • Provide Better Customer Service – Videos can be produced quickly and easily, but the perceived value is so much higher than a phone call or plain text email.  This results in happier and more impressed customers.
  • Connect with Clients and Prospects From Anywhere – Web videos and video email can be shared as easily with your next door neighbor as someone all away around the world with the click a button.
  • Reduce Calls to Customer Support – When you do a better job of addressing your customers’ questions and concerns, you reduce the number of times they contact you for help.  Web video allows you to communicate more effectively.  Therefore, when you respond to customer questions with video emails, you can provide better answers, and your customers won’t need to contact you as often, saving you time and money.
  • Educate Your Audience – One of the best ways to sell is to provide information to your prospects.  Teach them about things that interest them and help them in their businesses and mix in content about how you fit into this without being pushy.  When done right, your prospect won’t even realize your selling them.


Refining processes is one of the quickest ways to increase efficiency; leading to a significant savings in both time and expense.  Using web video refines and enhances the process, and takes your message to the next level.

  • Prime Your Prospects Before You Meet Them – With video marketing, you can incorporate videos into your routine that accelerate the sales process. Prospects can watch informative videos that answer many of their questions before your initial meeting.
  • Saying it is Easier Than Typing it – With video web marketing, you’ll reduce your time spent on the keyboard and improve comprehension simultaneously.
  • Automate Training of New Hires – Web video allows you to create training videos to automate yourself out of teaching the basics (and more).  When you bring in a new team member, have them access relevant training videos to give them a foundation for growth, and save you time.
  • Reduce Repetitive Conversations –Record your responses and just email them to the people asking the questions.  As time goes on, you’ll have more and more answers in your library, freeing you from an increasing number of repetitive conversations.
  • Deliver Informative Content Quickly – Need to convey a complex idea or concept, but don’t have long to do it.  Save time and hold your viewer’s attention better by condensing ideas into short, informative videos.  You’ll have more time to focus on other things and you’ll have a higher prospect conversion success rate.


Emotions are a core part of humanity.  People often make purchase decisions based on an emotional response.  Video marketing can capture the imagination of your prospects and clients in a way other advertisements cannot. 

  • Nurture Client Relationships – Relationships take time and effort.  Strong relationships aren’t built over night. With web video marketing, you can create videos to remind customers that you are thinking of them and that you care. Building and maintaining relationships takes time, but with web video you can do more in less time.
  • Make Them Feel Special – Making someone feel special is one of the fasted ways to convert them from a prospect to a client.  Send a video, even a prerecorded one, and they’re likely to feel they are getting special attention.
  • Build Rapport and Trust Online – Selling is difficult without trust.  Web video introduces you and your company to your prospects and helps build familiarity and trust before you meet.
  • Include The Human Element in Your Marketing – Video marketing allows you to reach out to your prospects like no other online method does. The personal touch is that little extra that you do to show your customers and prospects that you care and inspires them to do business with you.


Save time and make more money with web video.

  • Save Money – Video marketing is inexpensive.  When you compare the cost with the value, the expense is minimal and the benefits last longer than other methods of advertising.
  • Make Money While You Sleep – Video marketing and web videos allow you to record a video once and reuse it indefinitely. Once a video has been created, it can be viewed any time.
  • Go Green—Want to help the environment and save money doing so?  Save gas and money with web video.  Using video email will allow you to filter prospects, ensuring that you only travel to meet with the most likely to purchase.
  • Save Time – Creating videos is like creating an army of clones with the sole purpose of helping you make more money.  Your clones can answer questions for you, help train new employees, sell prospects on the value of your product or service at any time and place.  What are you doing while your clones are doing all these things for you?  That is up to you!
  • Maximize Your Efficiency – Every video you create is reusable takes another task off your plate. Video marketing will allow you to focus on the most valuable activities you perform.
  • Responses for FAQs – Creating web video responses to frequently asked questions will facilitate customer service and improve customer satisfaction.


Good marketing can be the difference between success and failure in business.  Incorporating video into your marketing efforts will increase the impact of your brand exponentially. Video marketing is a cost effective way to reach your prospective audience.

  • Add the Wow Factor to Your Marketing – An easy way to Wow your customers and prospects is to send them a video.  Web video allows you to create dazzling presentations and stimulate viewers in ways that are impossible with traditional email.  Video email marketing gets reactions.
  • Generate Buzz – Web video is a social phenomenon.  When someone sees an interesting video they often show it to others.  When they do, more people are being exposed to your message.  This results in more interest in your company products and services.
  • Add Professionalism to Your Daily Communications – Video on your website and in your emails allow you to appear more professional without added inconvenience or cost.  A well made video will improve the impression of your business in the mind of your prospects.
  • Capture the Power of TV Without the Expense – Video is powerful and when used correctly gets results. With video marketing, your videos are On-Demand.  That means they’re waiting on your website or in your recipients mailbox at anytime, both day and night.  Web video has the same benefits as video on TV, but doesn’t have the cost or the time limitations.
  • Track Success Rates and Marketing Dollars – With web video technology, you can see exactly how well your video message performed and measure success.  You have the power to see how many people watched your video and know exactly where your marketing dollars are going and where you can improve.
  • Soft Sell Effortlessly– By creating an informative video, you put your message in front of prospects innocuously.  While they watch your video, they are exposed to information and links, which they may click on to learn more.


Web video and video email marketing can differentiate you from the competition in many ways.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd – While everyone’s ramping up their budget to send plain text emails, you can send video emails to gain the competitive advantage.
  • Be Remembered – It’s been proven that the combination of audio and visual stimulus increases retention.
  • Stay on the Cutting-Edge – Web video and video email are a new and rapidly growing method of marketing. Usage of web video is on the rise, but it is still making its way into many markets. Be a leader by introducing video!
  • Put a Face to the Brand – People like to do business with people they know and trust. Video gives you an introduction and lets your prospects get to know you before you even meet them.
  • Personalize With Your Greatest Asset… You and Your Team –The difference between making a sale and losing a customer can often be as simple as adding the human touch – by getting the personal touch with a video!
  • Improved Credibility – When people can see and hear you talking about the benefits of your products and services, they are much more likely to trust you.  More trust, equals more sales.


Some of the overall benefits of web video marketing include:

  • Sell More With Less Effort – When you capitalize on web video, you’ll reduce your workload and improve your success rates, so when you do take the time to reach out to a prospect, you will have less wasted effort.
  • Increase Profitability – Video marketing allows you to reduce wasted effort dealing with prospects who never convert to paying customers.
  • Generate More Referral Business – Customers refer people that they’ve had a good experience with.  When you provide excellent customer service, you are more likely to have happy customers, and receive referrals.  Since web video allows you to do more with less, it only makes sense that using it leads to more referral business.
  • Keep Clients for Life – Keep your customers happy and take great care of them by creating regular videos that contain a lot of information.  This will reduce the time your customer service reps are on the phone getting asked repetitive questions, making happier employees, too! One of the first steps toward keeping customers for life is communicating with them.  Video is a great way to of keeping in regular communication with your clients!