How To Run A Socially Responsible Business

December and the holidays as a whole are a huge month for giving. People are giving to charities, businesses are donating services and #GivingTuesday, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, saw $45.68 million in donations in 2014. What is your business doing to be socially responsible in this season of giving?   44% of US Consumers

Growing Customer Loyalty with Corporate Christmas Gifts

Giving Corporate Christmas Gifts Is A Wonderful Way to Enhance Relationships With Your Clients and Customers.   As a business, your customers are your bread and butter. You appreciate and need them, but when was the last time you actually said thank you? Showing your appreciation may seem small, but people like being noticed. Even

Typography. Choosing the Right Fonts.

Why is typography important? Font selection is important because it's an unconscious persuader. Fonts attract attention, set the style and tone of a design, impact how readers interpret the words, and create the feeling of the document–usually without the reader recognizing a particular typeface. TYPE IS PERSONALITY. By change your typeface you can go from silly to serious, casual to