In 1978, Gary Thuerk changed marketing for the better when he sent the first marketing email to 400 people promoting DEC computers. Not only did he create an entirely new marketing channel, but he earned the company $13 million in sales. Today, email marketing looks a bit different. Trends have come and gone, mobile optimization

5 Ways To Get Customer Reviews

Customer service has become so much more than pleasant in-person interactions and quality work. Companies must now create a brand both on and offline, and part of this is creating an experience that customers can expect to receive when visiting your business. Customer reviews are often the deciding factor between two similar business and are

Necessity of Social Media Marketing

Have you included Social Media Marketing in your Business Marketing Plan? If yes, then congratulations, make sure you are keeping up with it.  If no, then we HIGHLY suggest you do. Social Media Marketing is a necessary and vital component to marketing in today's society. Pick a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter