Considering Planning a Corporate Event?

Look no further than Empire Creative Marketing for Planning your Corporate Event.

Corporate events are fantastic opportunities to use in developing brand identity and communicating value to your clients and customers. Here at Empire Creative Marketing, we are moving forward with our desire to inspire your journey towards success, by expanding our services into the corporate event planning and management arena.

Layher Event Signs

Business and corporate events supply a plethora of ways to incorporate company branding and identity. All to often though, we visit an event that has excellent food and entertainment, but it’s missing the complete image the company is trying to reinforce. Being brand image specialists we can see and utilize all facets and opportunities to promote brand image while planning a fantastic corporate event.

Layher Scaffolding recently gave us the pleasure of being able to plan their grand opening event, which gave us the opportunity to step out and use our brand identify and marketing skills in a whole new way. The feedback we received was full of praises and it seemed guests and clients alike were very pleased.

Entrance to Layher EventThe event was hosted inside their new facility, so we were able to incorporate an industrial feel with the décor and signs. We were able to design and make signs that they can use in daily operations and for future events as we branded them with the company identity and image. They were able use the signs as a portfolio of their workmanship to show to potential clients as they walked through the building, and they may continue using the signs during conversations with day-to-day customers.

Custom Engraved MugsAttendees were greeted at the entrance by an impressive and attractive display of their scaffolding work and a professional sign guiding them where to proceed. Engraved beer mugs were chosen as party favors to be something practical for the evening and memorable in the future. The company has German roots, so many of the evening’s festivities, décor, food and party favors were culturally tailored.

Authentic German MealTo include the company's German roots we chose the food to be reminiscent of home. We also decided upon tables and table décor that inspired a more casual and relaxed setting which is much more coherent with the culture and atmosphere of the company than an upscale setting would have been. The building is a large and impressive industrial building, so we made sure to keep the environment of the evening coherent with the surroundings.Layher Event Tables

We loved being able to take this company’s brand identity which we has worked so closely with them to develop and grow, and then manage a successful event while being able to tie all the important details and pieces together cohesively.

We would be honored if you would consider Empire Creative Marketing when you are next planning a corporate event no matter how large or small. We will make sure your brand and identity are pulled into all the details to create a complete and rounded image that will communicate value and quality to your clients during your journey to success. You can benefit from the convenience, comfort and confidence of having all your marketing needs taken care of my one team who is committed to helping you grow.