Growing Customer Loyalty with Corporate Christmas Gifts

Giving Corporate Christmas Gifts Is A Wonderful Way to Enhance Relationships With Your Clients and Customers.Corporate Holiday Christmas Presents


As a business, your customers are your bread and butter. You appreciate and need them, but when was the last time you actually said thank you? Showing your appreciation may seem small, but people like being noticed. Even a small gesture can go a long way in increasing the loyalty of your clientele.

The holiday season presents the perfect opportunity to say thank you and wish your customers the very best for the New Year.


What types of gifts should you give for corporate holiday presents? This will look different for every company. Take some time a few months prior to the holidays and consider your clientele…

If you have outdoorsy, construction or "manly men" clients, consider useful gift items like a Yeti cooler, GameGuard outdoor gear, Nike ball caps, binoculars or a high end multi-purpose tool. Place your logo on the items. Get them something memorable, unique, that they will actually want to use. Placing your mark of quality and distinction on the gift will help affirm the value you place on their loyalty. 

If your clients spend most of their days sitting in offices and at desks, they will probably enjoy an interactive gift that is helpful to use while in meetings or on conference calls. Captain desk clocks, stress balls, decision maker "Magic 8 Ball" type devices and motivational dice are professional and entertaining. Maybe consider an executive iPad or tablet case that they would be proud to take to meetings.

If your clients enjoy quality liquor or sharing a drink with a business partner, then etched glasses, martini sets or a box of bottle opening tools may be a viable option depending on their preferred beverage. Maybe get them something to carry their favorite spirits in, or incorporate a nice bottle of wine or craft beer into a gift basket. 

 If your client has an office staff or team that you work with regularly, consider purchasing something that the whole office would like, such as a goodie basket or monthly subscription to a treat box. If the office is mostly women, they may enjoy a Birch Box subscription, chocolate basket or a healthy snack basket. If the office is mostly men, a Bacon Crate or BBQ sauce basket may be well-received options.

Your budget for corporate Christmas gifts may be a considerable factor in the items you can purchase, so never fear, there are plenty of $5-$10 options that can leave a good impression. Gifting an executive pen, or a nice set of office supplies is always appreciated & practical. Or if your company offers a service that most people will enjoy, consider presenting your clients with a gift card towards your services. With a little bit of creativity and forethought, anything is possible.

A few details to keep in mind when considering your holiday corporate gifts:

–  Make sure gifts are appropriate to your cleints and within a reasonable budget.

– Check corporate policies, some companies may not be allowed to give or receive gifts from clients that exceed a certain monetary value.

– Your gifts may be tax deductible, check with your accountant on IRS policies.

– Do not give gifts during a bidding process, even if it’s the holiday season.

Ready to order your corporate gifts? Give us a call. We are here to help through the whole process… Collaborating, Planning, Purchasing, Engraving, Delivery…. From start to finish, we can make your corporate Holiday and Christmas gifts a success.