Is it attracting new leads? Is it up to date with current content and useful information? Is it easy for prospective customers to find what they are looking for?

There is a lot more to an effective website than an attractive design! We start by getting to know your business. We take a look at your company and identify how it is unique and what advantages you have over others in your industry. Next we identify your target audience and determine what their needs are. This is how we know what to focus on when building your branded website. From there we work with you determine what content will be included and how the website navigation system will work so it’s intuitive  and customers will be able to easily find what they are looking for.

Once we have the framework of your website in place, we start on the design. The look of your site should provide a visual representation of your company’s brand. Not only should it include your logo and be consistent in look and feel to your other marketing material, but it should express your brand’s personality as well. We do this by selecting the right photos (or doing a professional photo shoot for your company if needed), creating the right layout, and implementing the right colors, shapes, fonts and other elements for your website.

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