Speciality Finishes and Effects for Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers are one of the best ways for your company to make a statement and set yourself apart from the competition.

We previously discussed the common types of brochures, flyers and inserts, so today we are going to run through ways to enhance your print collateral and make it stand out from the crowd.

Specialty Finishes are any effect or enhancement to brochures, flyers, inserts and business cards that are not commonly used.

Since special effects are rare, they have higher impact when first received. This “wow-factor” will often encourage potential customers keep your brochure longer than other brochures. This increases public awareness of your brand and allows the possibility of the brochure being shared with others.

There are many enhancements that can be made to upgrade your brochure into a specialty brochure.

Custom Size and Dimensions: Why stick with the normal size? Everyone has normal sized brochures and business cards. You want your business to stand out, so let’s take your tri-fold, booklet or business card to the next level with designs that are developed around custom sized material.

Special folds: Off-set or staggered folds draw in your audience by displaying something they simply have to open. Staggered folds are asking to be read, it’s human nature to want to flip to the next page. So, use the physical design of the brochure to draw in the customers and give them something they won’t want to throw away.

Custom Special Fold Brochure
Standard Looking Brochure Opens Into a Custom, Quad Fold Brochure for that Special Flair.

Custom Die Cuts: Enhance your folders, brochures, business cards or postcards with decorative shapes and die cuts that incorporate your branding to provide fun, unique, custom elements that take your material to the next level. A die cut is when a piece of your printed paper is made into a decorative shape, that shape can then be incorporated into your design in various ways.

Die Cut Foil on Catalog

Specialty Paper (Texture, color, weight): A simple way to enhance a brochure is to upgrade the paper. A classic design can take on a whole new feel with specialty paper. A mailer with unique paper is much more likely to catch the consumer’s attention as it doesn’t feel like other mail. Women love to touch and feel products with unique textures, and men are attracted to the quality and professionalism of specialty paper.

Text Treatment with Custom Ink: Make certain elements of your design pop with text treatments. Many text treatments can be done without any re-design of the material; you can simply take what you have & just make it better!

Spot UV is a technique that uses UV light to “cure” a special varnish that has been applied to paper or cardstock. The effect is an eye-catching reflection when the material is under lights.

Spot UV Specialty Finish On Business Material
Spot UV adds a subtle flair to brochures, folders, business cards and more

Pantone printing uses a process that produces the same color, consistently across numerous forms of printed media. Using unique pantone colors will allow you to carry your branding consistently over almost all the items you may wish to print for your business.

Metallic ink adds a fabulous shimmer to text and/or whole sections of brochures and covers when you really want something to pop.

Foil stamping is a specialty printing process where heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film are used to permanently adhere the metallic foil to the paper. The effect is a slightly raised impression that is sure to have an impact on your customers.

Embossed Foil Stamping and Akuafoil Example on Business Card and Catalog Cover
Enhance Catalogs, Business Cards and more with Embossed Foil Die Cuts and AkuaFoil embellishments

Special Features can go beyond printing and start adding 3-d elements to your printing. With a little creativity, the options are endless. These are just a few of the ideas available to you:

Custom pockets can be designed into folders and brochures and feature die cuts or unique folds. These pockets can then be designed to enhance and embellish your other print material that goes inside of them.

Custom Pocket Presentation Folder

Tabs can be created in all shapes and sizes to draw attention to and differentiate between specific areas of booklets and binders. Tabs can be developed into the print design, cut out as unique die cuts or added afterwards, depending on the desired effect.

Unique Bindery is added to booklets when you are creating something you intended for a customer to keep around for a long time. Specialized bindery also comes into play when you have a large catalog and normal binding methods won’t work, or you want to add specialized elements to the catalog or booklet. Examples Include: Chicago Screws, Ribbons and Rivets.

Let Empire Creative Marketing help you design and create a truly unique and custom brochure to help you on your journey to success.