Tools for Creating Effective Trade Show Booths

Trade Shows are Wonderful Tools for Getting Your Business Noticed.


Consider these guidelines to ensure your booth is trade show ready


Come Up with a Campaign: Take the time to plan out your booth well in advance. This will not only allow you to create a more effective display, but it will also keep your costs down. Have a theme or prevailing idea that runs throughout your booth. Keep it focused so your audience knows exactly what you are offering them. Show your value to your clients. How can you help them? Keep your message short, clean and simple. Don’t get too technical. Less is more at tradeshows.

Professional Graphics: Banners, Tabletop Exhibits. Be consistent with your graphics and colors throughout. Use fonts that are easy to read. Make your logo and company name prominent. Keep the look consistent with your branding. This is your chance to make an impression and show potential clients what you are all about. Think of it as an interview where you want to present your best. It’s really worth it to invest in the design set-up of your booth and materials you give to people.

Have Sufficient Professional Looking Literature: Your literature is what people are going to walk away with, so you don’t want to skimp here! Think about it, at the end of the day when your prospective customers go back to their office, empty the bag of materials they collected on their desk and start sorting through it, you want to make sure your marketing piece stands out- especially when they may be comparing your information to those of competitors who also gave them literature at the tradeshow. Have a professional brochure, flyer or postcard that you can give them that reinforces your branding and clearly states the value your business brings to them. Also, make sure your literature has a call to action. Offer a special that they can call you about. Make sure to list your website!

Animated Displays: A video, slideshow presentation that runs continuously will encourage visitors to stop and look a little longer. It can also engage visitors while you are talking to a prospect. A video can show your product or services it action and add credibility to your business.

Customized Ad Specialties: Custom canvas bags, notepads, pens, private label bottled water. These are items that people will take away with them and keep to use in the future. This increases your exposure and keeps your company name fresh in the minds of potential customers.

Pre-show Advertising: Do a mailing or flyer that offers a promotion if they bring it with them. Have a special drawing they can enter for those who bring the flyer to your booth on the day of the tradeshow.

Advertising to Other Participants: They are potential customer, too! Walk around and get to know the other participants, and give them a promotional item or brochure.

Do your homework, plan ahead. Put in the effort and train your helpers. There will be time and costs involved in creating a professional display. But consider the costs if you don’t!

We at Empire Creative Marketing would love to help prepare you for an effective trade show. Call 281-486-8882 to discuss options, we have all the skill and tools necesary to get your trade show booth ready and help you on your journey to success!