5 Ways To Get Customer Reviews

Customer service has become so much more than pleasant in-person interactions and quality work. Companies must now create a brand both on and offline, and part of this is creating an experience that customers can expect to receive when visiting your business.

Customer reviews are often the deciding factor between two similar business and are typically one of the first things that potential consumers will check when researching services.

We’ve compiled a list of stats that prove just how powerful an online review can be.

** stats from BrightLocal Consumer Review Survey 2017

Okay, so we know how important it is to have reviews on popular platforms such as Facebook and Google… but how to do we get them?!

  1. Ask for them! BrightLocal also shared that 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business if they’re asked to.

  2. Add the request to invoices, email footers, mailers and more! This can be a short little sentence listed in your footer.

  3. Place a sign on your counter encouraging guests to “check in” and leave a review.

  4. Send an email asking how their experience was. Good response? Follow up for a review. Poor response? Follow up to resolve the situation.

  5. Give them a “Thank You” credit or offer for the review. Incentives are always helpful!

Quick messages such as “How was your experience?” and “Share the love! Tell us about your experience” can be incorporated in all sorts of ways. Not only will your customers appreciate the opportunity to have their voice heard, but your potential customers will know just how great you are!

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