How to Successfully Plan a Corporate Seminar

If you decide to opt out of utilizing an event planner to plan your next corporate seminar and need a source of reference to begin planning, look no further.

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This guide is to help you and your team organize a successful corporate seminar that you will all be proud of!

Four to six months is a typical time frame used by most event planners when putting together a corporate seminar. It is imperative that you set aside enough time for brainstorming and planning with your team. During this four to six month period, be sure to delegate tasks to team members based on their skill set to ensure each component of the planning process is executed flawlessly.

If you are reading this source for quick tips and trips, then you may already have an idea of your seminars purpose and goal. If you are in the beginning stages of planning, it is important that you set goals and determine the purpose of your seminar prior to any outreach or venue searches.

Determining Purpose:

Is the seminar intended to motivate, inspire and/or educate on a specific area within the company or industry? Make sure you nail down the purpose of your event so you can clearly and effectively communicate a relevant call to action to your guests. The purpose of your event is also very important to your speakers because they will then prepare the content and tone of their speeches around this.

Setting Goals:

What do you strive to achieve? After your purpose is defined you will better be able to persuade your audience into achieving the goals you’ve set before them. Are the goals set in place workable action goals? Or are they individual goals that the guests will need work on personally throughout a set time? To ensure a successful event, make sure your audience leaves with a clear idea of what they need to do after the seminar.


Creating a budget is key before moving forward in your other preparation tasks towards your event. When compiling a spreadsheet of how much money you should allocate towards your seminar, keep in mind your sponsors as well as any donations and revenue from ticket sales if this seminar is intended for the public! You may even have enough time to seek out new sponsorship opportunities if necessary.


Consider setting a date four to six months out from your planning time as mentioned earlier. This will give your guests and speakers ample time to make any necessary arrangements so that they are able to attend your seminar. When choosing a date, be sure to not pick a date that falls on or around any major holidays, as many people may be traveling. If you’re planning an event exclusively for your corporation, a weekday may be the better option to maximize attendance.


Choose a venue that best suits the style and tone of the seminar. Most corporate seminars are formal, with a side by side chair setting. However, if you plan on having your guests interact during the event, you may want to consider choosing a venue that allows you to have a more open floor plan. Also, when calling venues, be sure to ask if a projector, screen, speakers, microphones and anything else you may need for presentation purposes is provided. We offer our state-of-the-art studio space that is perfect for corporate seminars.

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If you chose to plan this event without the use of an event planner, it may be a great idea to register your event with an online ticketing platform. By registering your event online, you can manage your ticket sales, attendee RSVPs, and access all event details and announcements. You want to make this process as simple as possible for your guests so that your event begins on time and they aren’t waiting to register or sign in once they arrive. Create an email contact list once you receive your RSVP’s and enter all emails into an email marketing tool, such as Constant Contact, which will allow you to keep in touch with your attendees after the event for any new market updates or upcoming events.


If the venue does not provide you with a projector or screen, be sure to test your own on-site to ensure that there are no technical glitches. Print off handouts well in advance to avoid any misprints or printing failures, such as running out of paper or ink the day of. It is also a good idea to create evaluations for the attendees to fill out at the end of the event. Make these simple, but be sure to include questions that are important for you to measure out your events successes and failures. Agendas are also good to provide your attendees and speakers with so they can keep track and make notes where needed. Be sure to include time for a break on the schedule as well to give your guests a break from the action. Lastly, have an event checklist handy with you always during the event so that you can check off things as you go.


Social media is one of the most efficient ways of communicating, so creating a Facebook event should be one of your top priorities for promotion. It’s also a good idea to share any photos or videos of previous seminars held to hype up your event. Don’t have any footage or photos from past events? Be sure to delegate this as a task to someone on your team, or hire an outside source for event coverage. It’s also a good idea to email all your prospects with a few testimonials from your previous seminars. Set up a template that discusses what your seminar is about along with all your past success. Also, make sure to double check that the landing page of your website is updated and works properly! If you are reaching out to new prospects, they will visit your website looking for up to date content.

The Empire team hopes that the task of planning a corporate seminar is less daunting after reading these tips and tricks!
We do provide corporate event and seminar planning, so if planning everything yourself is too daunting, do not hesitate to give us a call!