Project Description

Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery needed a marketing program to promote their 5-year internal quality initiative to their employees and stakeholders. So, Marathon hired Empire to create and market a new brand for the initiative. We conducted a brand assessment with Marathon’s key team members to define the mission, vision, values, and objective of the initiative. Then, we worked with their team to devise a comprehensive launch strategy and marketing plan with action items leading up to launch.

Our team was an integral part of the marketing initiative. First, we defined the brand by designing a logo and style guide. Next, we created monthly posters to promote the launch event. We provided many items to support the launch. Items included banners, apparel, communication cards, custom decorations, video, photography, and PowerPoint presentations. In addition, we supplied custom promotional items for gifts and door prizes for the launch celebration. To continue promoting the brand after the launch event, we’ve created correspondence cards, badge cards, hardhat stickers, clings, annual booklets, and other items to reinforce the mission values. As an ongoing initiative, we continue to support Marathon with messaging and marketing to their employees and stakeholders.

Project Details