Project Description

OTG is a management company that manages United Airlines terminals nationwide. They have an ongoing need to communicate to passengers, promote the shops and restaurants in the terminal, and to conduct events benefitting both passengers and employees. We design and print many signs and displays for the terminals at Houston Intercontinental Airport.

When Super Bowl LI was in Houston, OTG hired us to manage a special event in order to engage with passengers and employees. First, we developed a concept for the event called Touch Down Fan Zone. To promote the event, we designed and printed many items including scratch-off games, coupon booklets, autograph cards, stickers, branded prizes, and signage. Next, we created a 30 foot long Fan Zone. This included the design and production of backdrop walls, a “grassy” area, and branded games – a prize wheel, football toss, and trivia game. In addition, we provided staffing, apparel, emcee, entertainment and sports celebrity for an autograph session. During the event we did photo and video shoots for marketing and communication.

Project Details