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Catalogs are a key tool that many businesses use to sell products and services. At Empire Creative Marketing, we provide turn-key catalog development services to our clients.

We can handle every step of the process from concept, project management, copywriting, proofing, professional product photography, graphic design and layout, printing and fulfillment.

Anchor Marine Professional Catalog Design


Our team of graphic designers at Empire Creative Marketing has over a decade of experience in producing first-class corporate catalogs and manuals for clients in Houston, Texas and Nationwide.

While we specialize in producing custom catalogs for industrial, aviation, maritime and oil related industries, we also create catalogs for retail, food service, e-commerce and many other industries.


Every catalog project is different. Before we begin the design of your new catalog, we will work with you to determine  the purpose and strategy of the catalog to prepare a budget. We will then carefully coordinate your project to ensure efficiency and to keep costs down.

Next, we determine and organize the content that will be going into the catalog. We can work with your existing content and high resolution images, or, our expert copywriters can write your content and product descriptions for you! If your products are not yet photographed, we can travel to your location to photograph your facility and products, or you can bring your products to be photographed in our studio in League City, Texas. We can also hire and manage models to showcase your products, if needed.

Once the content and images have been gathered, our team begins the graphic design process. We will do research on your industry to get an understanding of your target market, so we understand what value you are bringing to them. Then we will review your branding standards and your website to make sure our design is consistent with your brand personality and reinforces your marketing efforts. Then we begin the creative design by designing a layout and implementing the text and images. We will present you with the initial design and ask for your input. Typically we will go through rounds of revisions before we arrive at the finished product.


Once your new catalog has been proofread and approved, we will print your catalog with one of our trusted printers that is the best fit for your job. We will oversee the process and make sure that you receive only the highest quality product. We can also distribute your catalog through direct mail. We can provide you with top quality lists and take care of all of the mailing services for you.

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