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Your company’s logo is the icon that visually represents the essence of its brand and personality.

Logo Designed by Empire Creative Marketing

Your logo is the face of your business. It is the symbol that not only represents your products or services, but that communicates your mission, vision and culture.

The logo is the cornerstone of a business. It is the icon that will appear on everything from a company’s business cards, brochures and website, to their shirts, vehicles and promotional items, so a wise business invests in the development of a solid logo.


A great logo is simple, yet well thought out. The logo development process involves research to understand the company, its target audience and the competition. During the process we discover the company’s mission, vision and values and how it wants to present itself to the world. Then we analyze the market and look at the history of the industry as well as current trends.

Once we have a solid understanding of the business, how it is unique and how it wishes to be positioned, then we begin the creative logo design process. We will create several concepts using the colors and styles that will communicate the company’s brand personality effectively. We present the concepts, analyze them and make revisions until the final logo has been approved.

Logo designs vary widely in cost and complexity. While it is possible to design a logo in a few hours at minimal cost, the best and most effective logos do take time to create. Since a logo is the face of your business, it should not be something that is thrown together and guessed at. The creative process requires time to yield great results, and the best logos are the result of creative inspiration achieved through time invested in research and gaining an in-depth understanding of the company and its objectives.

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