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Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective and cost effective customer acquisition tools today. Considering the benefit any business can get through SEO, it is an investment worth making for any kind of business.

Here are the top ten benefits for SEO:

  1. High ROI: Dollar for dollar, SEO brings you a higher Return On your Investment than any comparable form of marketing.
  2. Long Term Results: Once in place, a properly designed and optimized website should sustain high rankings as compared to pay-per-click campaigns, where costs and outlay are ongoing and unpredictable.
  3. Targeted Traffic: SEO can increase the number of visitors who are actively searching for your specific product or service.
  4. Non-Stop Promotion: SEO works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days every year. Even while you are sleeping!
  5. Brand Visibility: SEO can give your brand a high local or international profile.
  6. Cost-Effective: SEO is among the most cost-effective ways of marketing.
  7. Increased Accessibility: Observing proper optimization procedures can make your site more accessible to all users.
  8. Cross-Browser Compatibility: A properly optimized site will be validated to high standards. This means that it works in all browsers, allowing your site to be viewed by the greatest potential number of visitors.
  9. Search Engine Friendly: Properly optimized, all links should function correctly and all pages should be accessible to the engines, thus making your site easy for the engines to index and correctly categorize.
  10. User Friendly: Observing basic optimization guidelines means that visitors have a more pleasant user experience.

So you want to have your website really work for you and get found on search engines? That’s where SEO, search engine optimization (the process of optimizing a website to be indexed by search engines), comes in to play. Your site can be optimized to target potential customers in the Houston, Texas community, throughout the United States or Globally. Organic SEO specifically targets new customers finding your site from a search on a search engine, no paid advertising involved.

While different search engines have different methods for indexing websites, there are several things we can do to get a high ranking for your desired search terms (also known as keywords).

First, we research your competition. What are they doing that you’re not? How are keywords placed throughout their website? How are pages linked and what is in their meta-tag content? We will keep all this information in mind when designing an SEO strategy for your site.

After selecting some keywords to target, we will strategically place these keywords in your content and page coding to help improve your search engine ranking result.


  • Custom SEO Strategy
  • Research keywords and phrases to select appropriate, relevant search terms
  • Positioning of Keywords: Optimized for local listings in Houston, other cities or global targeting
  • Creation and Optimization of Meta Tags: Title tags, alt tags, and page content
  • Website Content Creation and Management


  • Inbound Link Strategy, research and execution.
  • Manual Submissions to Search Engines
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Google Webmaster Tools Account creation and review
  • Google Sitemap Installation
  • Analysis and Reporting: Includes analysis of competitors, keywords and pages


We will also install on your site analytics tools to help us in ongoing search engine efforts. Measuring progress is much easier when you have the numbers. You can see how many people are visitng your site each day, what keywords are bringing them there, how long are they staying, how many pages are they reading on each visit and which ones, and where is your site listed on google for your targeted keywords.

Installing analytics tools gives us a benchmark for future SEO efforts.

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