Keys To The “Wow Factor” For A Speciality Company Brochure

Brochures and folders are one of the best ways for a company to make a statement about themselves.

So, if you are going to go through the effort of creating a company brochure, flyer or insert, you really want it to be something unique.

We discussed the common types of brochures, flyers and inserts in a previous blog post, so today we are moving merrily along to the much more fun topic of specialty brochures!

Specialty Brochures represent any fashion of brochure or flyer that is not a traditional size and style. Because they are rarer, they have higher impact when first received. The “wow-factor” will often encourage potential customers to keep your brochure longer than others. This increases public awareness of your brand and allows the possibility of the brochure being passed along to other people if the original prospect is no longer interested in the contents OR wants to share about your incredible services!

The key elements to building a specialty brochure are a splash of ingenuity, thorough planning and an experienced graphic designer.

Today, we’ll share variations of two types of specialty brochures featuring folds and staggers.

Specialty Folded Brochures

Origami is a fascinating skill – for good reason. The precision and creativity behind taking a single sheet of paper, strategically folding it and creating a work of art is something that most people cannot comprehend, but can certainly appreciate.

The same concept of folds can be utilized in brochure creation; taking a corporate brochure from a standard handout to a piece that will set your company apart from the competition. The design of the brochure should be developed to enhance the fold and showcase your business with more emphasis.

Gate Fold and Double Gate Fold Brochures provide an architectural or landscape effect that is not commonly seen in today’s brochure showcase. They are excellent for the presentation of institutions, companies and high-end products and services.

The Basic Gate Fold Brochure is a three panel print where the left and right edges fold inward toward each other so that the edges meet each other in the middle.

The Double Gate Fold Brochure is a four panel print where the left and right panels fold inward to meet in the middle, then the middle folds together leaving the viewer with one front panel.

Double Gate Fold Brochure Designed by Empire Creative Marketing

Double Gate Fold Brochure Designed by Empire Creative Marketing

Double Gate Fold Brochure Designed by Empire Creative Marketing


Here is an example of the Double Gate Fold Brochure next to a Large Tri-Fold Brochure. They both make quite the impact on a viewer and are designed to take your company branding to the next level.

Gate Fold Brochure and Large Tri-Fold Brochure Designed by Empire Creative Marketing

A Cross Fold Brochure is a wonderful way to effectively deliver a large amount of information to your client, while also maintaining a small footprint – and doing it in a fun way! Cross Fold brochures are extremely versatile as the viewer can’t really “get it wrong” when trying to fold it back together. Be creative when designing the front panel of each fold and create new combinations of information!

Cross Fold Brochure Designed by Empire Creative Marketing

Accordion Fold and Double Parallel brochures (not pictured) are wonderful expansions to the standard tri-fold brochure design and allow for a simple reading flow.

Utilizing that splash of ingenuity provides us with another innovative way to take your brochures to the next level by designing staggered pages.

Staggered Edge Brochures

Staggered Sales Sheets – This allows you to customize which sales sheets you’d like to present to your client, but adding a pop of something unique. This also allows you to change out your fliers regularly with more timely information.

Staggered Sales Sheets in Half Size Folder Designed by Empire Creative Marketing

Staggered Booklet – Adding tabs, or the appearance of tabs by staggering the pages takes your company booklet to an entirely new level of organization. While going through a presentation, you can now guide your client through the various levels and services of your company with ease.

Staggered Edge Booklet Designed by Empire Creative Marketing

Staggered Presentation Folder – If your corporate presentation needs to be kept together inside one folder that is meant to impress, then a staggered presentation folder is the way to go. You can choose from one or two pockets to store additional material, as well as a business card slot, but the most important aspects of your company are built right into the folder.

Staggered Presentation Folder Designed by Empire Creative Marketing

One KEY element to creating a designing a specialty brochure is PLANNING – You will save your company time, energy and money by having the goals, purpose and content of the brochure planned and prepared before starting the design process. An effective marketing agency will help you organize and develop your content, but it’s always more efficient if you’ve already established an outline of what you’d like the brochures to accomplish and your company mission prior to meeting with the agency.

Using a marketing agency to prepare your brochure will also put you in the hands of a capable, experienced graphic designer. An experienced graphic designer will mold your brand, mission and content to fit into the specialty corporate brochure that you have been desiring.

And last, but not least, it is ALWAYS recommended to print specialty brochures on high-quality paper (maybe adding some specialty enhancements) to ensure your pieces last a lifetime as they’re passed between the hands of your clients.

Empire Creative Marketing is here to help you design and create a truly unique and high impact brochure to help you on your journey to success.