Necessity of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Today

Have you included Social Media Marketing in your Business Marketing Plan?

If yes, then congratulations, make sure you are keeping up with it. 

If no, then we HIGHLY suggest you do. Social Media Marketing is a necessary and vital component to marketing in today's society.

Pick a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter and do a quick search for some of your competitors. There is a very high chance they are actively engaging with their customers, and possibly even your customers. Facebook data shows an average of 864 million active daily users and 1.35 billion monthly users during September 2014. Twitter has fewer monthly users, coming in a 284 million monthly active users, but those users are very busy sending over 500 million tweets per day. Customers today are more loyal to brands that they can engage with on the Internet. Do not let you competitors steal your loyal customers simply because you do not have, or do not actively update, your social media pages.

People of all ages from all over the world are regularly spending over 3 hours per day on their phones,mobile devices and tablets. A large majority of that time is being spent on social media platforms. Your customers are online on their mobile devices; your customers are using social media on their mobile devices, so make sure you are actively supplying content that is easy to view on mobile devices.

If your company has any visually interesting products or services, do not overlook Instagram. Instagram is an image and video-sharing platform that is only accessible from mobile devices. They have over 300 million active users monthly, with 70 million daily photo shares and 30 billion total photos shares. Instagram users have a very high engagement rate, higher than any other social media platform we have ever used. A single photo on Instagram with 12 followers gets 3+ likes, whereas 1 photo on Facebook with 1,500 followers gets 1-2 likes. Photos and videos have the highest engagement rates on any social media platform, so make sure to take, create and brainstorm engaging, relatable images and photos for your followers.

Social media gives you the ability to take control of your brand and company’s voice to create engagement with your customers. Social media acts as a platform on which your brand can increase its visibility through referrals and interactions, which statistically will lead to long-term sales. If you are already managing an established company, search for your company on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Yelp, or Pinterest. You will probably find people already talking about your company. You may even find complaints that have never been addressed, or reviews that have never been acknowledged. Unaddressed complaints leave your competitors the opportunity to swoop and appease your customers because you were not present on social media to take care of them. Customers who praise or leave reviews of companies like being acknowledged, and sometimes when ignored will find another company to engage with who will better acknowledge their praise.

A following on social media is not established overnight. Take some time to consider what your company stands for and create a content marketing plan for social media to develop a following that will be attracted to your brand. Smaller companies may consider picking just one or two social media platforms to engage in, which is just fine. Not every business style will benefit from participating in every online platform. So take some time so browse and learn the platforms and see where your audience is hanging out; then go put your brand in front of them and grow your following.

Social Media for the B2B Industry

Do not forget that real people are behind every business. These people are on social media every day either or themselves or for their companies. Linkedin is a huge platform for B2B connections. They have groups, communities, blog posting and engagements happening between people behind the business everyday. Every company should have a Linkedin presence, but B2B companies may benefit the most from this platform. Many large companies use Facebook and Twitter to engage with their own employees and keep them up to date on company happenings and employment opportunities. Potential business contractors may even search you out on social media to see how well you engage and stay updated before contacting you about business ventures.

Social Media for an E-Commerce Business

If you operate an e-commerce business you are already ahead of the game as your content and products should already be optimized for online viewing. Pinterest is usually the best social media site for E-Commerce companies if your product is visually appealing. Pinterest users love to share and drool over pretty items, and products tend to stay viral for a long time. There are countless Etsy items being shared on Pinterest that sold years ago, but those sellers are constantly kept in business due to those items still being viral online.

If your e-commerce store has vintage, custom or handmade products, maybe consider starting a small Etsy store in addition to your webstore. Many consumers only spend time on a few platforms; so placing your products where they may be shopping is vital. Facebook has also allowed a few apps to place a store straight on your business Facebook page. Consumers want to engage with their brands and they want to buy things. Being active in your company's Social Media Marketing will encourage consumer engagement and ultimately lead to long-term sales growth.

Social Media Is Key In The Recipe for Success of Today's Online World

If the thought of adding Social Media Marketing to your already busy business strategy is overwhelming or something you know must happen but do not want to do, then do not worry. Empire Creative Marketing is here for you. We are here to help you in your journey to success.  Call us at 281-486-8882, or email us at to schedule a time where we can help determine how to incorporate Social Media Marketing into your Business Marketing Plan